4 Zone LED Wireless Remote Controller



This is our main 4 zone wireless controller! Each zone can take several strips of single color LED strips. Is what we call Color Specific Placement. Put single color strips in areas to match a paint or design scheme. 4 zones giving you more creative ways to place color where needed and wanted. Rather the same color all over changing colors, try having color where you want, cut on when you want.


  • Zone one – All white, DRL strips and halo’s
  • Zone two – All exterior colors around the body of the Slingshot
  • Zone three – All lights in the sitting cab area. Allow lights off for cab privacy when needed
  • Zone four – Wheels and Underglow


This is a Plug-n-Play T-Harness installation set up. Plug in behind the radio between the main 3 conductor audio system harness. Easy install and come with a switch that snaps into front dash.  Once you plug into main harness the unit is hot and ready to go. No finding power wires, just now adding led strips to the zone you choose.