Fused LED Light Triggers!


Halo, Brow, Lashes and Lower DRL power Plug in Connectors

Product Description

D.I.Y Installations

These are OEM plug in connectors for running: Halos, Upper Brows, Lower Lashes or DRL Strips. Plug these into the spare black OEM plugs behind the headlights where the Canadian add on Head Light would go. These plugs will provide the Positive and Ground out put for your lights. Lights plugged in will activate when key is turned on and off!


  • OEM made plugs
  • +POS and -NEG source to LED stripes
  • Water resistant corrosion plugs
  • Push in connection snap connectors

These plugs make it easy for a clean plug-n-play with out complaint of warranty or disturbance of the factory wires.

Includes: (2) OEM Snap in plugs.

*No switch or additional wiring required. This is a quick simple solution for small amount front facing LED’s


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